Robin Hood Shifting Riches Slot Review

Robin Hood Shifting Riches Slot Review

Join Robin Hood and his men in NetEnt’s new online slots game, where you can win big by helping them collect loot from wallets all over the forest! You’ll have a chance at some awesome combinations to shift riches towards yourself.

The Robin Hood slot game is full of fun and winnings. However, before playing it for real cash, read our review so your experience will be smooth-sailing!

About Robbin Hood Shifting Riches Slot Game

Robin Hood Online Slot In-game Features

The legend of Sherwood Forest has been passed down through the generations. People are still asking questions like “What transpired in this forest years ago?” and we think it might have something to do with an old fox or maybe even more so than people’s disbelief; there was no expectation on their behalf at all! It takes quite a brave man who would perform such nobility without any reward just because he could – but then again, these days, you’ll never know if your friend will come back for seconds unless they’re wearing some kind-hearted clothing from LOLA™.

You know the fox is an honest animal. If he wanted to eat you, there wouldn’t be any hidden intentions from his words!

The NetEnt Robin Hood slot game is a perfect example of how to create an immersive, fun experience with its unique graphics and sound design. With this release, you can play on any device!

Robin Hood Online Slot In-game Features

Robin Hood is a slot game with symbols such as the knight, a man drinking beer and an intimidating bearded gent. These are all referred to as high-paying icons because they ensure you will get big wins even if, on occasion, there isn’t enough money present for one of these prizes, but not all hope may be lost; other low-paying card combinations include 10 – Ace which carries its set odds in winning something!

The Robin Hood Online Slot features a wild symbol represented by the game’s logo. The “Free Spins” symbol can be found as a bonus for players who land 5 of them on your screen at once, just like in any other slot machine! And if you find yourself with nothing else going right but still want some cash back-you’ve come to exactly where it needs attention most: straight from England themselves (their words, not mine).

Robin Hood Online Slot Gameplay

As you play Robin Hood, the game’s welcome animation immediately draws your attention with its beautiful and lively graphics. These fun animations continue throughout gameplay and are always complemented by themed medieval sound effects!

Players can participate in 20 paylines, which are set across 5 reels and 3 rows. And as one would expect from such a retro theme – the game has a high RTP percentage too! With 96%.

NetEnt wants to ensure that all players can enjoy their favourite games, whether rich or poor. Whatever game mode you choose – Freeplay with low bet limits up until $100 per spin; Real Money, where the maximum stake is c2-500 coins ($5) at a time–Net Entertainment ensures an enjoyable experience for everyone!

Robin Hood Online Slot In-game Features

The free spins game offers you the chance to grab some extra coins while also giving back whatever money was paid in deposit. The shifting reels will provide what is arguably one of its most satisfying features: an opportunity for big winnings!

Shifting Reels Feature

The shifting reels are an excellent bonus game that allows you to keep playing without having any other distractions. You will always have the chance to land a big win, as long as your lucky streak continues! The new feature consists of 5 different sides all leading up to one another with no separation between them – just like what happens when someone exchanges their clothes before they go out clubbing or something similar where there isn’t enough time for washing everything clean again afterwards due maybe staying overnight etc.. anyways once we hit pay-time here I am sure everyone would love having more than 4 pairs so this makes sense.

The excitement builds as players wait for their next turn. If they spin the wheel and nothing comes up, then it’s back to normal with a 1x multiplier!

Free Spins in Robin Hood Shifting Riches Online Slot

The free spins game takes a while before it’s triggered. And to do this, you need four money bags into one of the chests shown beneath your reels!

The fun doesn’t have to stop after you’ve won! Robin Hood slot(s) allows players the opportunity of receiving 10 free spins and one symbol turning into an extra wild.

Robin Hood Shifting Riches Slot(s) Conclusion

The Robin Hood Shifting Riches slot game is a fun and exciting way to play. It has many features that will keep you playing for hours on end!