More Operators Launch in iGaming Ontario Market

More Operators Launch in iGaming Ontario Market

The launch of Ontario’s new competitive internet gaming market has gone smoothly, with potentially $75M in profits over three years.

New Options for Ontarians

More and more online gaming operators are obtaining gaming licenses to launch new sites in Ontario. However, complaints about the market continue among those who opposed its creation before it even started as they now push for change.

New Options for Ontarians

The list of new sites launched in the last month is rather small, but there are some big names on it! When we last checked in with these virtual worlds just after they went live – at least one thing was clear: no matter what type or genre your preference may lie within (whether you prefer RP servers like The theoretical galaxy tabula RPG; Story driven platformers such as Twitch streamers who play themselves while saying gameplay through audio only).

  • 888casino, 888poker, 888sport (VHL Ontario)
  • Bet365 (Hillside ENC)
  • BetMGM, poker.on.BetMGM, sports.on.BetMGM (BetMGM Canada)
  • BetRivers (Rush Street Interactive Canada)
  • Caesars Sportsbook (American Wagering)
  • Coolbet (Coolbear Ontario)
  • FanDuel (FanDuel Canada)
  • LeoVegas, RoyalPanda (LeoVegas Gaming)
  • PartyCasino, PartyPoker, PartySports, bwin (ElectraWorks Maple)
  • PointsBet (Pointsbet Canada Operations 1)
  • Rivalry (Rivalry Ontario)
  • theScore (Score Digital Sports Ventures)
  • Unibet (Unibet ON)
  • NorthStar Bets (NorthStar Gaming)
  • DraftKings casino, DraftKings sportsbook (Crown DK CAN)

NorthStar put a lot of effort into getting its Ontario market launch off with flying colours. The company is based in Canada, so it only makes sense that they want to take advantage and start educating players about sports betting through an ad campaign called “That’s A Win.” This will give fans a chance to see what this exciting platform has to offer them as well!

DraftKings is taking the transparency route by not issuing press releases until its site has been live for days. The company announced that they would offer more than just sports betting, as it also provides table games and slots online!

With the Ontario launch, DraftKings is ready to take on all comers in their newest market. “We look forward to providing players with an exciting and responsible gaming experience that matches what they expect from us,” said Chairman CEO Jason Robins during today’s press conference; he echoed these sentiments when speaking about our passionate fanbase not too long ago as well!

DraftKings is a company that prioritizes responsible gaming, equity and service.

MSIFN Still Opposed

One First Nations in Ontario is unhappy about iGaming. The Mississaugas of Scugog IslandFirst Nation (MSIFN), which covers a large area and has many communities throughout it, claim that they have been subjected to unfair treatment by an agency responsible for regulating online gambling websites – namely IGB OPGA…

Chief Kelly LaRocca has said the same thing twice a row! He was concerned about MSIFN being left out of everything the first time. But now it sounds like iGaming Ontario will be launching soon, and that’s just one more slap to First Nations people who were trying so hard for reconciliation with their promises- if you ask me, this whole process is a farce anyway because there is always some group getting railroaded or shafted somehow. I’m sure Chief Kelly knows what he’s talking about after all these years as the head guy on reserves across northern Ontario.

LaRocca recently spoke to The Star about the same topic. He said that iGaming Ontario launched quickly without consulting First Nations and gave us “orphan data” on their model, which fears will be harmful to land-based gaming facilities in our province as well as public health safety concerns associated with online gambling sites.

Still Preparing a Lawsuit?

Indigenous leaders have lodged a formal complaint with the government after MSIFN accused them of violating their rights this year. The SUM threw out some serious charges, which include negligence and acting without consideration for Indigenous perspectives in gaming policy decisions- but not before lawyer Mark LaRocca laid down the law! The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) was called upon to investigate whether there were any breaches committed against Chipewyan First Nation by oilsands developments during development projects such as the Fort McMurray Oil sands Project or mining operations near northern Alberta’s oil-rich areas where many resources extraction takes place including coalbed gas drilling targets etc.

This has been a long time coming for LaRocca. He was finally able to sue his former employer after years of being denied, but the lawsuit failed when it came down last week, and he is still waiting on an answer as we speak!

The government has until 2021 to meet with MSIFN in good faith, or Scugog councillors will take matters into their own hands. In January 2022, a resolution was passed demanding that the Ford administration provide some level of certainty for land-based gambling operations near Toronto before they expand into gaming lounges and online betting sites.

iGaming in Ontario is still a mystery. The AGCO doesn’t release any information about what they’re doing or how it works, which makes the whole scene very secretive, but MSIFN wants someone to address their concerns with them so that we can all learn more!

Sports Betting Ads Abound

The iGaming market in Ontario has seen a limited population available for operators, which is why they’re going all out with their advertising. With this being said, there’s still more space left, so companies must stand apart by ensuring customers know what they offer them first!

The billboards and betting sites’ advertisements are all over Ontario’s major roads. There’s even one on my bus! I think they’re everywhere because this new law has just come into effect recently, so now anyone can legally place bets through online casinos or bookmakers with no limits whatsoever. The voice should sound professional when reporting news.

The responsible gambling experts and harm prevention fear that saturation will do more damage. They not only worry about problem gamblers within Ontario but are also concerned over people outside this province seeing ads for iGaming sites which can’t guarantee safety due to how it’s located within our borders – meaning they could turn elsewhere if something isn’t done quickly enough!

Whether or not there are any data points yet in Ontario to back up these concerns, the gambling operator’s understanding of their potential impact on Ontarians needs much more study.