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From Chris Williams
May 23 2011

Received the book today, and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. Let’s forget about content for a second… the layout and images are superb, I also really like way it’s printed and bound. The content is straight forward and very detailed without fluff, it’s the best guidebook I’ve seen for any sport, period. Great job! feedback:
July 3 2011

I did the Dreamweaver Tour today and had no trouble finding my way from Executioner, down through Dreamweaver, and into the warned mass of criss-crossing trails before coming out to the powerlines. Fun ride.
I did that ride this morning as well. Good advice in the book about tending left but never climb. Found my way down to Lower Boundary pretty well.

But wow, was that a greasy root ride!

June 27 2011

I just did p.27 “Seymour Technical Tour” and p.70 “Cypress XC Quickie”. Wow there is so much out there I didn’t know about. I’m going to do every ride listed in the book in the next few months. Super stoked.

One major thing that the book has changed for me is my view on how I ride my bike. For the longest time I was happy riding a heavy AM/FR bike (37+ lbs) up and down my customary loops – for straight up/straight-down rides (i.e. Fromme, Burke, etc) this is still totally fine. But now that I’m out exploring these much longer rides that have way more climbing I want something more pedally so I can do longer days in the saddle, which is how riding was for me back in the day. It’s an awesome return to my roots.

June 15 2011

Local’s Guide Made My Day
To Sharon and Wade:

I recently moved from Whistler to Vancouver, and even more recently became a father for the first time. Needless to say, I’ve had very little time to get to know the trail network on the Shore, and my outings these days tend to take place within a two or three hour window when I get a pass from my wife. I spent a couple of those precious windows biking around in circles looking for trailheads – pretty frustrating when I know how little time I get to spend in the saddle these days.

And then I bought the book… wow.

I headed up to Seymour yesterday to have a go at the “Bridle Path Ridge Runner Rip,” and I can honestly say that I now consider the Local’s Guide to be fully paid off – and then some. What an amazing ride!

As a newcomer to the Shore, I never would have known to follow the route I did. The Guide allowed me to maximize my time and minimize my frustration. And I must say, you folks on the Shore have some incredible trail builders supporting your community!

So, to Sharon and Wade, thanks so much for providing this incredible resource! I can’t wait to give it another go!


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