Preface from Wade and Sharon

I moved to Vancouver in 1991 and was instantly drawn to the North Shore mountains and their enticing mystique. My experience in numerous bike shops in Kamloops opened up multiple opportunities here in Vancouver. Inevitably, I started to explore the local trails and participate in the emerging mountain bike race scene. I was fortunate to have arrived early enough to respect and appreciate the cross-country side of mountain biking, and to be an integral part of the local “freeride” movement that was just gaining momentum. This combination sparked my appetite for seeking out the best rides on the Shore which is something I love to share!

Wade Simmons



I grew up in Vancouver and was on a bike at a very young age. My first mountain bike ride was in 1991 on Severed D on a Kuwahara Roc’Dazur. I came out bloodied, muddied and hooked. I became involved with the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA) in 2001 and was president from 2002 to 2006. Since then I have helped organize the North Shore BikeFest and I continue to be involved in mountainbike advocacy on the North Shore. This map book represents a continuation of my desire to share this trail knowledge with those who ride here.

Sharon Bader

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